Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some Great Ideas for Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate a child's recent or upcoming birth. When planning for your close friend, include some fun babyshower games to keep everyone entertained. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

The "Never Say" Game

For this baby shower game, you need small tokens to distribute to your guests. These can be anything from nappy pins to little baby-themed pendants (like miniature dummies or rattles). Decide on a "forbidden word" for the party. This can be the mother's name, the baby's name, or a word. Try to pick a commonly used word, like "yes" or "no", to make the game more challenging. If a guest says the forbidden word at any point during the shower, the person they mention the word to may take his or her token. The guest with the most number of tokens by the end of the baby shower wins. This is a popular game for baby showers as it encourages interaction and helps break the ice between strangers.

Count the Items in the Bottle

Fill a baby bottle or any clear container with little items, and have your guests guess how many there are in total. You can use gumballs or hard candy, or tiny baby figurines. You can award the grand prize to the guest who manages to guess the number correctly, or whose guess is closest to the actual number of items in the container.

Pin the Dummy on the Baby

This baby shower game idea obviously comes from the traditional Pin the Tail on the Donkey game. You need a poster with a baby on it, cardboard or paper dummies, and a blindfold. Have each of your participating guests take turns at trying to pin a dummy on the baby's mouth while blindfolded. Whoever pins the dummy closest to the target wins. You can add more excitement to this baby shower activity by having a penalty prize for the person who pins his or her dummy furthest away from the target.

Nappy Relay

This game is more complicated to setup and play, but it is a huge hit among mothers and mothers-to-be. Divide your guests into small teams, and provide each team with a clothed baby doll and an extra nappy. Each team should assign one member to remove the baby's clothes and used nappy, another to put the new nappy on, and another to put the baby's clothes back on. The team that puts the nappy on properly in the least amount of time wins. You can have multiple rounds of nappy changes if you have larger teams and want each member to have a turn.

These are only a few baby shower game ideas you can suggest for your friend's shower. You can always find more game ideas for baby showers online, or use your creativity to come up with some games yourself.

Elise Bruce is a party planner who knows about babyshower games, and provides excellent baby shower game idea.

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